Thursday, 17 January 2019
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The Sky’s the Limit



We are extremely proud of our junior paddlers, many of whom started in the sport at a school or youth event and got hooked, continuing to become part of the Hurricanes club racing squad. A significant number have also gone on to compete for Great Britain in the Under 18 Squad in international events, winning medals for their team and themselves in the process


oscar and ben

Dragon boating is an all inclusive sport and some of our paddlers race in the senior squad (over 40s) and GrandDragon age group (over 50s) 

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Paddling for Great Britain


Paddling for Great Britain

Being part of the Hurricanes was the first step on my journey to paddling for Great Britain. It’s not for everyone as it takes lots of time training, effort in the gym and dedication and a very understanding partner. Luckily mine paddles too!


01 training

The Hurricanes coaches helped me to get confident in an o1. This is necessary because the GB selection time trial is in an o1, which is essentially a kayak with a float attached so that you can paddle on the one side.

At Silverwing Lake, we have 6 o1s for use by Hurricanes and they can be used for individuals wishing to develop their stroke. We also race them up and down the lake. Great for fitness and for pitting yourself against other paddlers!

GB 2I have paddled for Great Britain Premier Open, Women’s and mixed team in Tampa, Florida at the World Championships and Nottingham at the Europeans. These were both fantastic experiences that have forged great friendships with likeminded people.



 Winning medals for my country isn’t something I thought would be possible but with the support and facilities of the Hurricanes- it was!