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Paddle up the Thames to WindsorWindsor Paddle.... On the 7th October 2013 we all received an email looking for paddlers for a new and exciting event. It was advertised as a 'fun paddle' which should ‘be an hour  before stopping at the pub for lunch and paddling back.' This email was from Laura Mole who was conveniently absent on the actual day (friends birthdays and injured backs are not an excuse!) Safe to say no one really knew what to expect and.........

Our Social members

Senior Citizens Senior Citizens Members of Spelthorne Senior Citizens Group enjoyed something out of the ordinary when they joined forces with Hurricanes Dragon Boat club for a tea party with a difference.


Open Day....We have very successful open days....Article coming soon.....

    • Loch Ness

      Unforgetable weekend

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      Sat 28th April

    • Great River Race

      Great River Race. Annual Marathon

Milton Keynes

Milton KeynesUp at 6.30 on a Saturday – must be a race day!  Nigel and Mary picked me up at 7.15 in the van,  we picked up the boats from the club and headed to Milton Keynes
We nearly remembered all the heads,, tails etc.  Nigel had very thoughtfully taped all the speakers and wiring to the boat in advance but had unfortunately forgotten the headset – back to shouting at us!  Dave did some running repairs to the tail and we unloaded the boats and set up camp.
Got ready for the first race – welcomed Tanya to her first BDA event.  Helen nearly fell in after tripping over a rope  – possibly she was reflecting  on that stolen cup of coffee earlier  (I think she was led astray by our team captain)  We were up against Raging Dragons and a charity crew, Anchordemics, which we won in a time of 50.60, but Malcolm wasn’t happy.  Raging were coming back at us at the end – could do better.
On to the semis – against Tao, Secklow and Wokingham.  We came second in a time of 49.63 to Tao, but a much better race.
Then the minor final against Secklow, Worcester and Raging – we came in 4th in a time of 50.63 – we were all really disappointed.  However, we put that behind us and moved on to the 500s.

We all thought it was lunch break next and started on the picnics – but no – the BDA decided to hold the first round of the 500s before the AGM, so we all swallowed down whatever we had been eating and loaded up the boat for the first round of the 500 metres.  We were hemmed in by the Amathus boat and had a lot of difficulty extricating ourselves (was that a yellow dragon’s head?) and were late to the start.  We had to turn round straight away, then off.  We were against Worcester, Notts Anaconda and Anchordemics.  We were 2nd to Worcester in a time of 2.07.59. 
This put us into the reps against Wokingham and Notts.  Brian appeared in some very fetching sunglasses modelled on Biggles – nice one Brian.  We won in a time of 2.04.79
On to the cup semi against Worcester, Notts and Excalibre.  This was a really good close race – we came third in a time of 2.04.41, which put us into the Minor Final.
The final was against Kingston, Secklow and Raging.  We came a good second to Kingston – we were with them all the way down the course, and our time was 2.02.94.
Malcolm was very happy – we came 6th overall out of 21 teams, picked up 11 points and our times had improved with each race in the 500s.
Time to get the boats off the water, pack up and have a celebratory drink before heading home.


StocktonMy first tour with the Hurricanes! We set off for Stockton around 12 noon and made good time. Booked into the Premier Inn. Brian and Jim arrived around 2pm and had dropped the boats at the centre. We sat down to dinner around 8pm. Most of us enjoyed the meal but unfortunately the Lasagne was dry and poor Brian only ate a side salad. Helen made us all laugh with her joke about a women’s brain costing more than a man’s because it is used more, hilarious!

There was a bit of eye candy for the guys – Very good looking woman with very tight pink jeans! Jim had the opportunity to charf (Extract from South African Dictionary: (Tease, joke, make fun of, flirt with) Charf also means “spadework”, or the attempt to “score” with a member of the opposite sex.)her and told her he liked her spray job! Surprised he did not come back with a hand print on the side of his face.

After 7 pints of cider, I called it a night at 10pm so missed the rest of the gossip. Took some pictures on the night but the quality is terrible! (Must be all the cider) J  

Race day started with Breakfast around 7:30 – the breakfast was good – eat as much as you like! I did not manage much. Got down to the centre around 9am, the venue was great and the weather was even better. Cannot believe that it was warmer than London! The backdrop of those bridges were stunning. Our first race was at 10:30 - Our start was not our best but we did well to recover and won the first race, we pushed right at the end and just edged it! What a feeling!

Hurricanes first place: 55.89secs 

After that our starts were great, we really did pull together and the focus in the boat was great.

As 4th fastest winner in heats, into Semi. 3 Hurricanes 2nd place: 56.69secs 

The officials comment on the third race was that we had lost on the push right at the end.

We really did focus ourselves on the day with the 200’s and found ourselves in 6th place at the end.

Hurricanes 6th place overall in 200s: 57.91secs

The 500’s were much better, we continued with the great starts and managed to keep good pace throughout. We were really egged on by Francesca and Jim’s calls.

Hurricanes 2mins19.06 (2 river serpents 2.19.41) 

Second last race we unfortunately lost the speakers in the middle of the race but still came second. Hurricanes 2mins 15.41

By the last race we were drained and in pain – a quick water break and back on the water. It was a tight race and I will admit on the call for the line there was nothing left in me to push.

Hurricanes 2mins 16.22

The racing on the day felt good, there was a real feeling of togetherness.

Brian thankfully brought his little boom box and had some really good music going all day – I think even the other teams enjoyed it!

All in all a great day, most of the races were extremely close and all very exciting. The focus was immense and teamwork was tight. All the grunting for the pushes right at the end around me was helping to push me just that little bit further! A big thank you to Francesca and Jim for the screaming! I now know I have muscles that i never knew existed. I thought I had pushed myself before but never like this!

Important lesson learnt – don’t try and keep up with the guys drinking night before race day!  

Tanya Smyth

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